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With decades of experience, hmoinvest provide tailored bespoke packages and take your locations,
from blueprint "Back-To-Brick" to maximise your development portfolio.

Leveraging your investment, sourcing your location, designing, developing, refurbishing and retailing your property, all to ensure your maximum and swift financial return.
Read below to learn a little more:

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The ultimate returns achievable will be determined by the type and level of cash/gearing used, although returns between 12% and 20% are typical with this type of property investment.


, if you have decided that the Buy-To-Let route is for you as you begin to create and build your own potentially highly lucrative property portfolio, we can also arrange to source a number of potential properties on your behalf.

This option provides the opportunity to purchase, renovate and either sell or hold multiple properties on a regular basis.

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Start Developing Your Dream Portfolio

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