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About hmoinvest

What we do:

  • Armchair Portfolio Building

  • UK Property Investment both HMOs and Buy To Lets

  • Estate Agency – Property Sourcing and Sales

  • Property Lettings and Sales

  • Surveys & Project Management

  • Property Refurbishments

  • Furnishing – Flooring, Blinds & Furnishing

What We Have: An excellent understanding of what people want and what it takes to let properties in an ever-changing and competitive market. We ensure that investors are presented with secure investment opportunities and receive an exceptional combined cash return of up to 13% (9% rental and 4% capital yield).

Our Process

With tailored packages to suit every potential investor, we bespoke your perfect property solution.

With decades of industry experience and many proven concepts, our journey plan ensures your return on investment.

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Breakfast Bar OverExposed
hmo Kitchen Pan


With an organic understanding of the local area and tenant needs, our specialists hand pick your ideal property


Design & Development

Partnering with the highest quality trades and outsourced providers we ensure the highest level of quality


Bespoke rates on F&F allow our designers to provide an awesome finish,
well within budget



With Exclusive routes-to-market 
HMOinvest boasts over a 97% occupancy rate

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Our Quality Guarantee

"With every property, every investment, every journey,
handheld from start to finish,  we over-deliver and
drive excellence and results at every opportunity."

                                                                       - CEO, James Griffiths

Develop Your Assets With  hmoinvest

Property Developers Like No Other

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